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At the Law Offices of S. Chris Davis, we take great pride in advocating for the interests of personal injury victims. We understand that because insurance companies are determined to turn a profit, it isn’t easy for injury victims to obtain the compensation they’re owed without aggressive legal assistance. Our team also understands how difficult it can be to navigate the legal system after having suffered an injury. Whether you are in a position to file a personal injury lawsuit, apply for disability, pursue workers’ compensation, or review a settlement offer, we can help.

Columbia personal injury attorney, and South Carolina native, Chris Davis vigorously advocates on behalf of his clients and prides himself on earning their trust. There is little wonder why the Law Offices of S. Chris Davis was listed as one of the best personal injury law firms in Columbia, and why Davis has been recognized as a “Top 40 Under 40” attorney for the last four years by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

If you’ve recently been injured and aren’t sure where to turn, contact us today to learn about your legal options and our firm’s approach to representation. Your consultation will be confidential, risk-free, and is offered at no cost. At the Law Offices of S. Chris Davis, we believe that injury victims deserve to understand their rights and options, regardless of their financial situation.


Compassionate Representation That Puts Our Clients First

The mission of the Law Offices of S. Chris Davis is to improve the lives of every client by providing zealous representation, consistently offering excellent customer service, and always putting our clients’ interests first.


Suffering significant injuries can be an isolating experience. Know that when you work with us, we’ll do our utmost to understand your unique circumstances. In doing so, we’ll be better able to give you the kind of personalized representation that you deserve.

World-Class Customer Service
World-Class Customer Service

Too often, lawyers can lose sight of the customer service aspect of representation in favor of focusing on a client’s case. At the Law Offices of S. Chris Davis, we provide both stellar customer service and a dedication to securing the maximum amount of compensation owed to our clients.


Chris understands just how much a serious injury can upend a person’s life and a family’s financial stability. As a result, we approach every case with the understanding that our clients don’t have time to waste. The Law Offices of S. Chris Davis works to resolve client matters as quickly and effectively as possible.


If our clients need legal assistance or guidance, we’re there for them without reservation.


We understand that our clients have many options available to them when it comes to legal representation. As a result, Chris remains loyal to his clients because he is unendingly grateful that they chose him to represent their interests during a truly vulnerable time in their lives.


We view our clients not as extensions of their cases, but as unique beings deserving of respect, good will, and bright futures. Not every law firm is in a position to say sincerely that their staff deeply cares about each of its clients. We can and we do.


Chris and every member of the Law Offices of S. Chris Davis support staff consistently dedicates their hard work, time, and energy to ensuring that every client benefits from the kind of 1:1 focus required to secure a favorable outcome for their case.

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S. Chris Davis has been recognized as a “Top 40 Under 40” attorney for the last four years by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

The Law Offices of S. Chris Davis has been named one of the top personal injury law firms in Columbia by Expertise.com.

Representation You Can Trust

You Can Trust

  • Left reeling in the wake of a car accident?
    We can protect your interests
  • Concerned that a nursing home resident is being abused?
    We can uncover the truth
  • Worried about securing Social Security Disability benefits?
    We can take the stress off your shoulders
  • Harmed by the actions of a healthcare provider?
    We can help you hold them accountable
  • Grieving over the preventable death of a loved one?
    We can seek justice on their behalf
What Our Clients Have to Say

“Mr. Davis and his team was very attentive from start to finish. They kept up with our well-being throughout the whole process. If I ever need services again I know who to call.”

— Shameika Wallace

“I was referred to them when I was in an accident and they really took care of me. I would highly recommend as I have even sent a few referrals to them myself now. Great people that care about their clients!”

— B. Howell

“I highly recommend Law Offices of S. Chris Davis! Chris Davis is a wonderful attorney!! He fought hard for me when I was in a terrible motor vehicle accident. Chris Davis is not only professional but really cares about his clients.”

— Erica Rutledge

“He is a very knowledgeable and caring attorney. He gets the job done…..I recommend him to everyone.”

— Joy Campbell
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A Commitment to the Communities We Serve

Chris believes in giving back to the communities he serves. His community involvement efforts usually center on athletics and education because he benefited from the investment of his community in these areas of life when he was young and aims to provide for the youth of the community in ways that make a direct, instant, and palpable impact. Some of his recent community involvement efforts include:

  • Serving as a board member and sponsor of “Blue and Gold” alumni in order to assist motivated young people who are seeking a college education
  • Sponsoring the Columbia High School football program – As a former player himself, Chris understands the benefits of having a strong team behind you can do for one’s future
  • Serving as a community member on the Pine Grove Elementary School Title One Planning Team to better ensure that available resources make the maximum positive impact possible for students

Benefit from an Approach to Representation that You Deserve

At the Law Offices of S. Chris Davis, we believe that every injury victim deserves to understand their rights under the law and deserves to understand how to exercise those rights to their maximum benefit. If you’ve recently suffered serious injury, our knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate team is here to help.

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